The Many Wars of the Ganden Phodrang – Panel IATS 2019

Coorganised by Ryosuke Kobayashi and Alice Travers and entitled “The many wars of the Ganden Phodrang”, our panel will take place during the 15th Seminar of the International Association for Tibetan Studies in Paris, 7-13th July, 2019.

Organised in the framework of the project TibArmy with the core team and invited participants, this panel studies the numerous wars fought by the Tibetan armies both in internal and international contexts during the Ganden Phodrang period. It seeks to document less-known armed conflicts and shed light on other better-known events through new sources, depicting how battles were then fought; it also analyses the role of wars, be they won or lost, as generating change on four levels: in the development of the Tibetan military institutions themselves (organisation, tactics, technology, etc.); in the development of the Tibetan government (recruitment, tax system, etc.); in the links between army and society (impacts on civils, their treatment by troops, the practice of voluntary recruitment in times of war, etc.); in international politics (for instance, how Mongol and Sino-Manchu troops’ intervention or absence in Tibetan wars participated in the definition of broader political relationships).

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The Tibetan Army of the Dalai Lamas, 1642-1959