Exhibition / Marching into View : The Tibetan Army in Historic Photographs (1895 – 1959)

This exhibition of archival photographs focusses on the material culture (uniforms, insignia, flags) of the Tibetan army from 1895 to 1959, the last historical period of the Buddhist government of the Dalai Lamas known as the Ganden Phodrang. It shows how the Tibetan soldiers (both militia and regular troops) became progressively more visible in photographs during this period of time and how the various changes in the external appearance of the regular troops mirror the evolution of Tibet’s internal and international politics.

The exhibition took place during the 16th IATS Seminar at the Faculty of Arts – Charles University in Prague (Czech Republic) from 3.7.2022 to 9.7.2022.

Emma Martin, Curatorial Advisor and Alice Travers, Curator of the exhibition

See also the book published in conjunction with the exhibition:

Alice Travers. 2022. Marching into View: The Tibetan Army in Historic Photographs 1895–1959. Potsdam: edition-tethys, coll. Wissenschaft/Science vol. 5, 209 p.