TibArmy International Conferences

The project will organise four international conferences  on the history of the Tibetan army (1642-1959): “The Tibetan army in the Buddhist frame” (July 2017); “The Tibetan army in the global world: interactions with foreign military traditions” (Spring 2018); “War in Tibet under the Ganden Phodrang” (Spring 2019); “A visual history of the Tibetan army” with an exhibition of photographs of the Tibetan army (Spring 2020).

Smaller day workshops on specific themes like “Tibetan Arts of War” (January 2018),  “Weapons in Tibet”,  and other themes will be also organised.

Calls for papers and announcements will be sent out when appropriate. If you wish to be added to our mailing list, please send a message to erctibarmy@gmail.com